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Apr. 14th, 2007


(no subject)

This is why Brian was banned from the blogosphere:

In response to this post: Our Love Story

Apr. 1st, 2007


MC Rove

If you have yet to see MC Rove, you're missing out.

- Scot Smith

Mar. 28th, 2007



All of you Facebook users out there may want to check out my recent article: Facebook Statistics. Even if you don't use the website, it's an interesting read.

Hope everyone is doing well!

-- Scot

Mar. 25th, 2007


Hey everyone

Wow, haven't been on livejournal in forever. Have been extremely busy! Lots of developments lately.

Mal and I visited the Gulf of Mexico for Spring Break, here are some pictures(from my cell phone camera). How is everyone in LJ Land doing? Anyone still read this thing anymore?

I'm still blogging @ meridiancrest.com.

Hope everyone had as awesome of a Spring Break as I did!

Mar. 16th, 2007


I'm finally 21!

I'm 21 today.
My vacation starts today, too. What a coincidence!!!

Gah, I'm old. Old, but good.

Mar. 9th, 2007


(no subject)

Virb is out of beta. Add me as a friend!

Mar. 2nd, 2007


The caveats of Windows Vista

Just a quick note after a couple of long nights with a Toshiba laptop:

Be weary ye fellow laptop shoppers when purchasing your next notebook.
Let me give you a couple of hints before you head out to your local Circuit City, Best Buy, or Radio Shack to pick up your next notebook computer.

Surprisingly enough, these notebooks will come pre-installed with Windows Vista. The minimum requirements to operate Vista:

1ghz processor
512mb of RAM
Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 32 MB of graphics memory

These are for Home Basic. Home Ultimate is another monster which requires 128mb of video memory, and 15gb of available hard drive space, topping the requirements off with 1gb of RAM.

Please note these are the requirements. Not the recommended. These are the bare minimum requirements to turn Vista on.

If you purchase a notebook with a 1.3ghz Celeron processor and 512mb RAM with shared video memory, you're going to be up shit's creek without a paddle. The interface (Aero) is going to run at record-setting slow speeds, it will take 10 minutes to come back from hibernation. You're going to die a little inside every time you hit the power button. And don't even think about turning on all of those cool Aero features that the salesman showed you on the sales floor.

Trust me, I would know. I wouldn't buy a laptop with this configuration, ever. Unfortunately people that I know do. Then they ask me to install XP on the laptop and I realize Toshiba doesn't care to provide Windows XP drivers for their Vista-installed laptops.

So, what does this mean folks? If you buy a bottom-of-the-line laptop to save you a couple of dollars; you're going to be stuck with Windows Vista on an (unusable) incredibly slow machine. Just don't do it.

I did get to a solution with the laptop, and after a couple of work-arounds, Windows XP Pro is working as smooth as butter on this Toshiba laptop.  The work done on this computer would probably cost you around $200-$300 if brought to your local computer technician.  Spend it on getting a computer that works in the first place.  Tell your friends.

Feb. 23rd, 2007


Spring Break!

So many things that were important have taken the back burner to life lately. And by life I mean responsibilities, the inevitable complications, and the time it takes to un-complicate them.

But, once everything is cleared up things will gradually get better. That's just how it works. Plus, I have little to complain about. Things aren't going bad by any means. I'm taking 10 days off in March and Mal and I are heading to Destin/Ft. Walton Beach for Spring Break, and that will be a blast. Hopefully when I return my mind will be rejuvenated and everything will be back in order.

I'm looking forward to seeing the beaches, taking in the cuisine, and being the kid I am... visiting the 25 acre water park. We got an awesome deal on a hotel right on the beach-front. It's going to be a blast and a cut scene from what's been going on since December.  Did I mention we'll both be 21 by then?

I finally gave in and got an iPod (video). I know I'm a little late to the whole mp3 player thing, but I've never had a need for one until recently. I figured it would be a good idea and wise investment to update my car audio a little bit, being the traveling nomad that I am. I was tired of burning CD's to transport to the vehicle, so I decided it was time to get an mp3 player that could sync with my stereo deck in the car. After thorough research and comparison the iPod came out on top (mostly because of Pioneer's support for the iPod, and the 'Pod's scroll-wheel navigation). The Zune was a second choice, followed by something from Creative.

So, my setup is this:
Pioneer In-Dash Player (DEH-P4900IB) wired to the iPod video (which rests in my glovebox for easy removal) with the Pioneer iPod direct-link cable(CDI200).

The headunit goes back to an MTX 150w (75x2) bridged 2 Channel amp (RT202) with a Monster Cable amp hook-up kit (mpc p300) that powers a Kicker CompVR 12" 300w RMS subwoofer (05c124) mounted in a vented 12" box (BS112V).  The front factory speakers were replaced with Pioneer 4x6's (TSG4641R), and the rear with Pioneer 3 way 6x9's (TSA6972R).  All in all, it's a decent sounding system considering I didn't want to go all out with component speakers, etc.  I'm pleased with the sound.

My iPod experience so far has been good.  I have a 3rd party plugin for WMP that syncs my iPod so I don't have to use iTunes (which I do not like).  I'm considering purchasing a 7" screen for the video portion to put in the car somewhere but that probably won't happen as I'm not exactly concerned.

Feb. 20th, 2007


Urban Music

This guy has an amazing voice. What a way to cruise the metro.

Feb. 13th, 2007


RIP Daisy


A pet may come to symbolize many things to each of us. It may represent a child, perhaps a child yet to be conceived or the innocent child in us all. It may reflect the ideal mate or parent, ever faithful, patient and welcoming, loving us unconditionally. It is a playmate and a sibling. It is a reflection of ourselves, embodying negative and positive qualities we recognize or lack in ourselves. The same pet may be all of these, alternating between roles on any given day or for each member of the family. Tonight a small piece of that went missing. Daisy quietly and peacefully passed away after giving birth to 5 pups, 3 being stillborn. Her sad brown eyes made contact with mine, as if she were asking for permission. And when she made peace, she closed her eyes and stopped breathing.

RIP Daisy
You've made many days brighter for all of us.

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